• Ospitalià a feltre

    Bus de l'Och
    L'ospitalità a Feltre

  • Ospitalià a feltre

    Nel cuore del centro storico di Feltre

  • Ospitalià a feltre

    Ai confini del Parco
    delle Dolomiti Bellunesi

  • Ospitalià a feltre

    Pace e tranquillità
    nel centro della città

  • Ospitalià a feltre

    'Porco mondo
    è bellissima Feltre'

Bed & Breakfast BUS DE L'OCH

The house that hosts B&B "Bus de l'Och" is settled on the top of Colle delle Capre, in the heart of the historical city centre of Feltre.
It is positioned on the highest landscape of the city and therefore has an incredible view.
The B&B house is positioned on the third and last floor and you can get there-through a private entrance- leading to a stone staircase that will take you directly to the rooms.

The B&B house possesses two master bedrooms, each with private bathroom, a small and cosy kitchen for the breakfast and a small garden where guests can relax by being surrounded by a great landscape of the city and the valley.
Every room has several windows that make the rooms full of light, offering an amazing view of the Vette Feltrine on the North side(those mountains belong to Unesco), while on the South/south-west side there is the Historical city and the valley which surrounds Feltre.
From this side, the guests will be able to also admire the view of the Monte Grappa (where the First World War has taken place), the Altipiano di Asiago, and the Monte Avena (that hosts many sport competitions and naturalistic events throughout the year)and the guests will be stunned by the breath-taking sunsets.

silvio guarnieri…e ancora Via Mezzaterra, la tua casa, piazza della Cerva, e la compagnia delle ragazze...

Porco mondo è bellissima Feltre!

E dove troverò io una Feltre per ricambiare te di avermela data?

18ª lettera a Silvio Guarnieri da “I libri, le città, il mondo” di Elio Vittorini

bed&breakfast bus de l'och feltre-belluno

32032 FELTRE [BL]
Salita Giovanni da Vidor, 11
Web: https://www.busdeloch.it
Tel. 0439 81322 - Cell. 389 6761413


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